Tuesday, September 05, 2006

YouTube Milestone

Well, it is often the little things that give a girl pleasure. The latest bit of fun in my insular YouTube Universe is that I hit a big number. Not big in the YouTube sense, especially when compared to one video by the now disappeared but forever remembered Emmalina, but big for me. My video views have finally hit 200,000!!!

Yeehaw, that gives me an excuse for the late afternooon mimosas I guzzled to celebrate Labor Day. That and the fact that I was super behind on this latest episode but managed to pull it together at the last minute with another delirious all-nighter, as is my obsessive bimonthly custom.

Not bad even if most of the people viewing my videos are leaving nasty comments about my lack of talent, big googly eyes and annoying voice. Still, take these little milestones for what they are, a good bit of fun, a reason to get up in the morning, a justification for your crappy existence...etc.

Anchor time involves planning space for yourself to do something that you absolutely love doing. It should be an activity that wakes up all your senses and allows you to feel really connected to life. It re-establishes perspective - reminds you that you have purpose, that you're unique, that you have much to offer and receive. - Jennifer Anderson, Life Coach

And in that spirit, here are some of my best YouTube comments of late. Jeez, with love like this, who needs champagne? Me, lots of it! GULP!

smallcretzuli (3 weeks ago)

Yeah, Sofia Coppola has been born into a fortunate situation. Big deal. Get over it. You wasted nearly nine minutes of your life with this video, not to mention all the time that actually went into making it when you could have been doing something productive. You know what I hate? I hate people who blame their own failings and lack of originality or talent on other people.

Suck it up and work harder.

oliverashby (1 week ago)
you should rejoice in the fact that a woman is making movies worth watching(god knows there has to be one, even if it is the daughter of francis coppola). name me another decent female director (besides the piano lady), you can't. she's paving the way for you, your sisters and your daughters. you'll never get your movie made and i bet you don't leave this comment up. i watch the whole annoying thing. zero stars.

sucktastic (1 week ago)
Says the ugly jewish girl with hairy armpits. You're possibly the most annoying and fugtastic bitch on youtube. What's really sad is you're 33.

fentina (3 days ago)
sorry,but don't you have friends or pets you can spend time with and bother?

sucktastic (1 week ago)
Maybe the narrator women is just jealous because she's an ugly cow and Bai Ling is smoking hot. Yeah, thought so.

Heterodyne (12 hours ago)
She is the epitome of annoying


emilybot (a fan) said...

Yeah, some of the comments following the Green Day video really got me. "OMG this so didn't happen" and shit like that. Sorry wannabe punk kids, Billie Joe isn't the nicest guy out there. BTW, he once called himself the "king of punk" at the VMAs a few years ago. What a WANKER.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

yeah, i was a little taken aback by the vicious comments at first but now i find them entertaining and only occasionally painful. the other weird thing about the haters is that they sometimes get nicer once you respond to them? it is almost like they just want attention and validation? dunno, odd...

the green day haters surprised me a bit. i guess i figured an episode so bad ass and punk would be good PR for billie but apparently his new fans are all about proper behaviour?

damion said...

Congratulations! And as for the naysayers and h8ers, I quoted you [transcribed you, actually] for the intro to my new website. In short, you rule.


Eva the Deadbeat said...


you rule! you made my night! i got quoted!?? wha-?? and on the same page as jonathan franzen??! wowie! you're a great writer and it is impressive that you manage to balance your time btw bread making and the scary artistic muses! good for you!

and your "Thoughts on Babies" is painfully good and i quote, "Babies will steal attention from you worse than a cat." Awww yeah! BURN BABIES! FACE! Good stuff!