Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sun, Surf, Spiders and Sunsets

This weekend I was lucky enough to camp at my mom's leanto on the lake. We did all the good things; swimming, floating, reading, kayaking, planting flowers, watering flowers, walking through the campgrounds, cooking over a fire, talking for hours, roasting marshmallows and rocking in the hammock.

When I lived in California, I would visit Vermont every summer and spend a solid week camping with my mother. Now that I live in VT, it is harder and harder to get out to the lake to see her. What with work and life and what not, it is difficult to spend a whole weekend out with her.

But after one lovely long weekend at the lake, I feel simultaneously exhausted and sun drenched AND rejuvenated and inspired. There is nothing like a long cool drink of the outdoors to clear my head and make life seem worthwhile again. Especially when you get to plant some flowers, have lots of mom chat time and see the LARGEST and scariest spider known to man!!

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