Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wig Wam BLAM!

4th of July on a sailboat in Lake Champlain, not too shabby my friend, not too shabby. The sailboat was "On a Broad," formerly known as "The Cat's Meow," and what a handsome beauty she is. Mike was her fearless captain and all minor obstacles (electrical fires, storms on the horizon, drunken first mates and no GPS) were surmounted through his skill and fortitude. And hell, useless as we may have been, we had a good time drinking wine and smoking ciggies while Mike did all the hard work.

We met a swell girl named Jenny who you can see wearing dominatrix gear in an upcoming issue of Elle (she's a journalist!) and got to watch JB's fabulous sunburn turn lovely shades of pink and red as he entertained us with his sparky tales. Tanner, AKA Thaddeus McBee, was also in ship shop shape (huh?) and dressed the part of a fine seafaring lad to a T with old man golf shorts, polo shirt and a sweater wrapped round his neck.

And I quote, "Eva, is this how yuppies wear their sweaters?"

The fireworks were awesome and the view from the water was killer. I'll try and post a You Tube fireworks video if I get around to it. Still trying to think of the right music for accompaniment. The best part for me was annoying all those on board by singing 50s-80s hit songs from the Tanner/Eva catalogue including the entire soundtrack of Stand by Me, many Stephen Foster tunes, some patriotic stuff, Morrissey, Asia and Air Supply.

The song I couldn't get out of my head was Sheena Easton's "For Your Eyes Only" (see video here) but that is just because the last DBC was seeped with Sheena - or perhaps it was because I was wearing my Lost and Found uber white trash sunglasses?

Oh YEAH, singing is fun and makes the time go by fast! It is truly amazing that we were not unceremoniously chucked overboard. Me thinks everyone was too tired and sun burnt by that point to bother with us.

The ride back to Mallet's Bay only took 15 hrs and thanks again to Chris for piloting us through the darkness with his power boat and GPS and to Mike for steering us straight and to the weather Gods who kept the storms safely on our horizon instead of up our butt. The ride from Mallet's Bay to North Beach took all of 5 minutes which is why I think we may have entered some sort of a time warp while on the water. Thank god for the singing!

All in all, a lovely day/evening was had by all. And more than anything, I am thankful to the gods of Lake Champlain who did not take it upon themselves to sink our little dingy as we paddled steadfastly out to Mike's brother's power boat (thanks for the tow Chris!) - thereby soaking my video camera and my still camera and making me a wretched, waterlogged, image-less fool.

Where would my blog and my You Tube addiction and my cable access show be without these little technical delights and doo dads? Thanks Lake Gods for sparing them!

Happpy 4th of July everyone and, oh yeah, thanks founding fathers! Now why does the ground still feel like it is rocking? Oh, and now for something completely different, now is on You Tube when we enjoy the melodrama of Pulp (see video here)...mmmm, tasty treat! I'll try and post some segments from the latest DBC in case you do not live in Burlington or do not have cable!

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