Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Like Cocaine Because...'s a fun thing to do...duh!

And as for prostitutes, well, they're probably a lot of fun too!

Mix 'em together and, voila, you have a media shitstorm!

What a pile of whooey. In case you have been living under a rock, Big Media has their collective panties in a bunch over Congressman Wexler's recent remarks on The Colbert Report. Wexler got into a heap of trouble with all the silly news programs because of some joking comments (see above) he made when prompted by Colbert. Thus ensues a media hailstorm of crap.

God forbid a congressman could have a sense of humor! Shocking. To his credit, Wexler is not retracting what he said (link).

"I think it's an important thing for members of Congress to be able to participate in a good-natured joke," he said. "Everyone who watches the show knows that what is being said is a joke and that it's about silly topics. I thought it was funny." - Congressman Wexler

"Funny? You thought it was funny!? How dare you Congressman Wexler!? Because of YOU, I now have to explain to my impressionable, slightly stupid children why it is NOT FUN to do cocaine and prostitues. Because of YOU, I will never be able to change their minds because you have used your congressional influence to brainwash our nation of easily swayed monkeys. Because of YOU, life as we know it will cease to exist and everyone will engage in cocaine snorting and whoring because it is now known to be 'fun.' And thanks to you, little Debbie has run off to Hollywood to be a tramp, thanks a bunch Congressman, you've ruined my life! - An irrate middle-America homemaker

First, here is the initial clip from The Colbert Report featuring the Wexler interview which would sail a thousand crappy media ships (and blogs like this one!). Second, this is the video pointing out how Fox News re-edited Wexler's appearance on The Colbert Report to make him look even worse.

As an editor, I find this pretty shocking. You have a lot of power when you are clipping together what people say and Fox managed to cut out all of Colbert's prompting so that Wexler seemed overly eager to make these silly statements of his own accord. Shame on you Fox. Their creepy manipulative editing should be the real story here. Makes you wonder how they are doctoring the rest of the garbage they serve up...

And here is the video of Colbert responding to all the hoo haw regarding this Wexler piece. The best part is when Matt Lauer tries to explain why politians go on Colbert's show when he makes them look so silly. Lauer explains, "I guess they think it's hip." Too funny. And Colbert promptly slices Lolling Lauer good! Hurrah!

Oh America, you do keep it interesting round these parts! First a gay N'Syncer, then rubber sidewalks and now a congressman who likes cocaine and prostitutes! God bless the U-S-I-have no-sense-of-humor-A.