Saturday, July 01, 2006

DBC26 Premieres Sunday

I have been editing like crazy and sleeping only a wee bit to get July's new episode of The Deadbeat Club done for Sunday night. Again, I don't do this for the 1 person who might happen upon the new episode, I do this because I want it to be done so I can enjoy this holiday weekend a bit (before starting my next freelance video project which I am actually getting paid for so it has to be really good!). I want to drive to the islands, kyake around, read in the hammock, lie in the sun and relax BUT first I need to nit pick and mold and shape and snip and clip this massive blob of footage into the shape I desire. Oh obsessive compulsive disorder, you serve me well!

In case you give a crap and in case you have cable and live in Burlington, VT, this is a preview of what you'll see in DBC26. Mom does a review of the French and German news which she watches religiously when she is not camping with her lover, the lake. (The French newscaster pictured here is her other lover, he has bedroom eyes!)

Margot's alter-ego, the French professor, does a breakdown of this season's hottest TV finales (24, Lost and The Office) using all sorts of fancy mumbo jumbo psychoanalysis. Par example: In Lost, the plane represents the phallus, the button represents the clitoris and the 4 toed statue represents the castration. Say no more, this segment is sizzling!

Eva reviews the 16th century flemish artist of the people, Pieter Bruegel the Elder with a bit of Bosch and VU thrown in for good measure. Margot and Eva reprise their roles as the gloriously blonde Simpson sisters (who, unlike us, look more and more alike each day), do some horror movie breakdowns and welcome little baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (New Messiah Beautiful Pitt) into the world.

All in all, a mad, mixed bag of nutty nonsense as per usual (less montages than usual though). Hope you guys can see it.

The Deadbeat Club, Episode 26, July 2006
Premieres Sunday, July 2nd, 9pm
(If all goes according to plan...)
Plays Fridays 11:30pm and Sundays 9pm
Channel 15

In other news, I managed to do some chores this AM such as cleaning out the gutters to prepare for more rain (they were growing a zillion baby maple trees), filling the bird feeders, clipping the tree that is taking over the back porch and cutting new vases of flowers. Now I am covered in dirt, scratches, sap and bites and ready to edit ALL day! Wish I could spend the day outside in the sun instead of inside editing but, c'est la vie!

YOU TUBE NEWS: Well, here it is, the 411 from a You Tube addict. I recently discovered a new pair of You Tubers who do a lot of lip syncing and also some skits utilizing silly costumes and wigs (we love that!). Ginger is an interesting looking Barbra look-alike and Steven is a wig wearing flamer. Together, they make a sweet pair of friends and they were recently featured in USA Today so they must be fairing well in the You Tune Universe (see video here).

Another popular You Tuber in the press, Little Loca has a piece in LA's Backstage (see video). I'd be curious to read it as Loca has been getting some flack lately for being an out of work white actress impersonating a Mexican homegirl for hits. It seems to be working as she is very popular. Whether or not she is a fake, her accent seems spot on. She has another set of videos as Paris Hilton but she has never admitted that they are hers (see video). It does appear to be Little Loca and she seems pretty white and this would make her yet another You Tube faker. I am not knocking the fakes though, they keep it interesting!

The most popular video on You Tube at the moment is a 15 second vid of a girl with her boobs pushed up saying simply, "Im bored...I want a boyfriend (giggles)" (see video here). Apparently, she got lots of negative comments about her weight which is why her video name changed from "I Want a Boyfriend" to "You Guys Are Retarded." Nonetheless, her video is the most viewed on You Tube at the moment and I am guessing her boobs are to thank. Yipes.

Also, in other news, Emmalina is going blonde and is having problems getting the color right (see video here). Oh my, what is happening to me? I seem to have You Tube coming out of my ears. As the counter weight to Emmalina, here is a new video from Lisa Nova (see video here) who came on to the You Tube scene recently and is wildly popular. Unlike the Emmalinas and the Filthy Whores of the You Tube Universe, she is trying to do something unusual and arty with You Tube that does NOT involve her boobies Good luck to you Lisa Nova, god speed!

Oh, and in my free moments, I have been watching all of the Spice Girls videos and interview clips I can find. And then I watch some rare KITH skits. Man, for all these reasons and many more, I love thee You Tube!

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