Sunday, July 02, 2006

New DBC Tonight!

July's new episode of The Deadbeat Club premieres tonight. It is a lot of talky talky bits and for some reason there are a lot of scary segments about the end of the world, horror movies and Bruegel - I guess that is a theme? DBC26 - The Armageddon Show.

It is funny how every new show I do it is the same process. First of all, I am majorly sleep deprived in the final week of editing and not much more than a walking, grunting zombie at my day job. The final night before I turn it in, I stay up all night and do the final dub to tape around 10am - I am so tired at this point that I take mini-2 minute cat naps when I should be supervising the dub, then I wake up and wonder if I missed a mistake (there always are some).

I drive the tape over to VCAM (thanks Bear) and then I sleep all day before watching it in the evening. This part always surprises me. I never know how the entire show will read, I can only see its bits and pieces up close, and then when I watch it I am like, "Who did this weird thing?"

Maybe it is the sleep deprivation or coming down off that frenetic and obsessive deadline high, but this never ceases to amaze me when the shows are completed - the fact that they are never what I think they will be, they always surprise me. It is sort of like giving birth only less messy (see video here - jeez, this CREEPS ME OUT!!!)


I recently started watching You Tube super star boh3m3's vids and like this one a lot (see video here). It gives me hope that not all of the You Tube stars are shaking their butts and navel gazing, he seems to be actually saying something and in an articulate fashion.

Also, this is a good idea from a Brit who would like do do an international You Tube collaboration (see video here). Count me in! For a good time, check out this little kid Jaeger's movies. He is insane and I love him (see video here). Want to see Brookers cry (see video here)?

I found a new You Tuber who I am sympatico with named fatherham. He points out the flaws of You Tube such as that everytime you refresh it looks like a new view/hit so one person could spike the hits easily thus leading to cheating I suppose. Also, he points out what a drop in the bucket You Tube fame really is (see video here). Even better, he does videos sort of similar to our Skel-Fab paperdolls which make fun of the You Tube fame moo-rons and all their butt shaking for attention (see video here). Fatherham, keep up the good stuff!

Hmm. Speaking of horror movies, that birth video is almost as disturbing as this You Tube video of Connie Chung "singing" goodbye on her TV show. I love me some bad singing but this is just about the most scary thing I have ever heard/seen in my life. The embarrassed smile on the piano player's face is priceless - he appears to be drowning in pain. Enjoy, or don't. Egads!


Anonymous said...

That is amazing. AMAZING.
Eva, I am so confused.
I feel like I can't explain in words how I feel right now. ????

- mandy

Eva the Deadbeat said...

I KNOW! I KNOW! connie chung takes the breath is frightening and makes the throat begin to constrict...egads!!!