Thursday, June 15, 2006

Villains and Gamma-Rays

Well, it is official, I caught Tanner's summer cold. All I want to do is lie around and complain. Somehow I got pulled into the vortex of this Sci Fi show called "Countdown to Doomsday" which details all the lovely ways our planet will be wiped out. It was a paranoid's dream come true: pandemics, global warming, comets, terrorists attacks, gamma-ray bursts, you name it! What a nice slice of paranoia for already scared shitless Americans. Thanks Sci Fi and Matt Lauer!

In the spirit of evil, here is a video from one of the early Deadbeat Clubs. This is from the 5th episode when the Babes of the Month segments were threatening to take over the entire show. We did a Top 10 Countdown of Villains, 50 Villain Tips and a sexy villain montage which took up 40 minutes of the hour episode. I must say, this is one of my most beloved montages as it is so naughty and who doesn't love a good villain?!

TOP 10 VILLAINS: Jane Badler (Diana on TV's "V"), Kevin Spacey, Joan Collins, Joaquin Phoenix, Kathleen Turner, John Malkovich, Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Sharon Stone, Alan Rickman

DBC5: Villain Montage:

In You Tube news, strike one for the dorks and the deadbeats! Lazy Dork's riff on You Tube Fame Whore Emmalina is the #1 Featured video! He is getting zillions of very well deserved hits and he does not even dance 1/2 naked! Although he does have a funny video in which he does a very serious sexy dance (see video here). Hurrah!


Tmoore said...

sorry about that ;)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

awww, s'ok. the umcka you got me seems to be helping kick this bastardly germ to da curb...

Fuchsia Groan said...

OK, if you are waiting for the end of the world, here is a quote for you, my deah:

"The double bind, the problem of consciousness mixed with nothingness, never goes away. You never stop waiting for the real story to start, because the only real story, in the end, is that you die. Along the way, however, Mr. Knight keeps reappearing: Mr. Knight as God, Mr. Knight as history, Mr. Knight as government or fate or nature. [Mr. Knight is a teacher he was trying to impress with clever pranks, as a teen.] And the game of art, which begins as a bid for Mr. Knight's attention, eventually invites you to pursue it for its own sake, with a seriousness that redeems and is redeemed by its fundamental uselessness."
-- Jonathan Franzen, Mr. Too Good for Oprah himself

Translation. You're gonna die. You will spend your life creating stuff in an effort to be famous, to impress some authority figure who doesn't really exist. It is completely pointless, as you will realize when the asteroid makes impact. And that is exactly why you must do it. For some reason this makes sense to me.

How 'bout them Laguna Beach girls?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

man, can the asteroid hit today, now you got me all depressed. come on gamma-ray burst, gimme all you got!

casey said...

My dear, you're forgetting Klaus Kinski. Maybe you were excluding foreign actors.

Also, the last episode of DBC was the finest yet. You're song and dance number had such high production value, I almost couldn't believe it. And using Costello's "Shipbuilding" during the flood scene from "Day After Tomorrow" was positively arch.

And Margot skating!

casey said...

OMG. My grammar! I just woke up, I swear. Haven't even finished my first cup of coffee. "You're" instead of "Your?"

I'm gonna go flagellate myself, Opus Dei style.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

hee hee, hope that self-flagellation was well enjoyed. the best part of that crock of a film the Da Vinci code was for sure the albino self-flagellation. that should be a sport.

klaus would have made a fab villain but as it was, we were so overextended (not much new there). villains are by far the best babes me thinks.

glad you liked the last episode but it was a rerun! the 4th one we made actually. but it is funny that those earlier episodes are more natural and in some ways better. hmmm, something to chew on as i work on #26. ah well, enjoy the coffee...

you'rs, eva

ps do you know what the hell that song shipbuilding is about? we were trying to figure it out...i am sure there is a deeper meaning...

casey said...

Whoops. I just caught it lsat night, so I assumed it was for July. What a sorry-ass fanboy I am.

"Shipbuilding." eh?

It's about the inevitablility of progress, leading to the constant building up and tearing down of the structures of career and family. "Is it worth it" is the first line of the song!

There is a also a condemnation of the violence that comes with nation-building and expansion.

The tune suggests we'd be better off "diving for pearls," which to me implies a more spiritual, non-goal oriented way of life.

Essentially he's saying that we're all just caught in a giant hamster wheel. And people make it worse by picking apart the details of everybody else's fraying lives.

I like George Harrison's "Piggies" better, for this kind of thing. But Elvis does croon some sweet-ass melodies.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

ahhh, it all becomes illuminated! thanks casey! i agree that digging for pearls seems a more worthwhile occupation...although ship building does make some nifty ships with which to sail away in (isn't there a song about that that you referenced recently, "come sail away...").

those scenes from Day After Tomorrow were my fav part of the movie and if you notice the flicker, it is cause i filmed it from the booth back when i was the projectionist at the showcase back before it was higher ground. why does that matter? it don't. but i like to dive for pearls...and i spent too much at kohls today....oi. that is all.

Matt Sutton said...

'Shipbuilding' is actually is an anti-war song about the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina.

The lyrics 'Is it worth it?...' begin an internal and angst-ridden dilema: 'Is getting our jobs back in the shipyards building warships, and the presents that we can then start to buy with our pay worth the deaths of the men who are going to lose their lives on those same ships?'

I like your interpretations though...

Eva the Deadbeat said...

hmmmm...interesting...could be relevant today then?? "shipbuilding" is such a hauntingly sad song/