Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Lake, Music and Food

Mom is moved into her home at the lake and although her hammock is not up yet, she is enjoying her lake breezes and outdoor life. Can you believe this woman is 72 yrs old? She does not look a day over 7 with that mischievious sparkle in her eye.

Father's Day was decadent with pancakes, sausages, a drive out to the islands, unfaltering sun, intense heat, ice cream cones, a refreshing dip in the frigid lake, a barbeque and, best of all, lots o' time with Pop!

Tonight was dinner at Trattoria Delia with the Poppers, sister and Tan: two killer bottles of wine, peach bellinis, succulent meat that fell off the bone, fragrant fungi fettucini, prosciutto tortellini, and sparkling conversation.

Followed by killer music at The Box - melodic tunes courtesy of Greg Davis and Co. Dad the composer was tickled pink to discover that the local music scene is not only diverse and experimental but happening!

And now two whole days off work to hang with the Dad before he heads back to Iowa. Life is good. My stomach has never been more full.

I love these hot summer nights. Today had the best thunderstorm ever. After two days of ridiculous heat (that came out of nowhere and was preceded by weeks and weeks of rain), a thunderstorm whipped up around 4pm.

Suzanne and Christine and I were glued to the window as the sky darkened, pellets of rain thudded down onto Main St and lightening flashes lit up City Hall's golden dome. The sky growled and snarled and threatened and we loved every minute. Summer thunderstorms, what is better?

As Tanner says, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute..." I like me some storms just fine so I will not even need to wait...

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Q_Monroe said...

i've always loved weather -- the more warnings the better. i feel so lucky that we have enough of a buffer in the green mountains that we never have to worry about hurricanes and such. but it makes me feel guilty too.

that storm was awesome!

have 2 wonderful days off with your dad, eva -- you deserve them!