Monday, June 05, 2006

Molly Has a Baby

It's true, she did have one, just a couple of days ago. His name is Ivo Race Maringouin and he came into this odd world on May 31st 2006 at 11:18am. It is obvious that he is already a rock star despite his meager 7 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches in length. I can already envision big things for this special miniature person.

Molly and I went on a tumultuous road trip across America in 1999 and made a movie about our travels called Tits and Asphalt. I wouldn't be making movies today if it weren't for Molly (so she is to blame! ah ha!). If she hadn't prodded stingy ol-me to buy our first Panasonic EZ100 camera and gotten us that bootleg of Final Cut Pro 1.0 which we used on our iMac DV Special Editions (which are not officially able to operate FCP), goodness knows where I would be today. Dreaming up movies in my head and going mad with the frustration of not being able to make them.

We rode our bikes back and forth between our houses with our 37gig VST hard drives (cost $700 each!!) in our backpacks, watching each other's work and critiquing it. Teaching ourselves and each other how to edit. Learning the best way, without teachers or school loans, relying on each other and our instincts. We got in passive aggressive door slamming fights and subjected ourselves to many painful rough cut screenings with our friends.

One year later we had finished our little movie which did not get much farther than the East Lansing Film Festival in MI but hey, we learned a lot. And I wouldn't be making my little weird piddley movies today and cutting in Final Cut Pro 4.5 on my G5 and shooting with my Sony TRV900 if Molly hadn't have braved the road for me.

And now she has gone and done it again and had a baby. What a ballsy lady she is. That baby will have her guts, determination, sass and creativity. Can't wait to meet him. Glad there are some quirky Ivos in this world of bland, mid-Western religious fanatics procreating like bunnies. And glad there are friends like Molly (check out this creepy merge of our faces!) with whom to compare notes.

Here is a schmultzy John Hughes montage in Ivo's honor cause I know his mommy likes herself some John Hughes. Word to your mother.


Anonymous said...

oh my god!! I didn't even know she was pregnant...please tell her I say congrats!!! wow....and i'm jealous..ha...

Anonymous said...

that was from me..renee!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i know!! it is crazy and exciting, eh!?