Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tigger Dearest

Today I fell in love again.

On our trip to Johnson, we went walking at what was once called Married Student Housing near JSC. This was our first home in VT when we moved here from NYC and I was 7. Luckily, the craptastical apartments are surrounded by wild massive woods which we loved exploring as kids.

On our way into the woods we met this little flea of a cow cat who looked like Crawford's body double.

He bounced along after us into the woods and followed along side at an erratic pace.

We were being stalked! Hunted by Tigger!

He bounded up trees, bunny-hopped to keep up and dive-bombed us out of nowhere.

I have heard of these kind of dog-like cats that follow you around on walks but never had the pleasure of meeting one until today.

By the time we got back we were both smitten. Tigger had no collar but he looked fed and cared for. I asked some people if he had an owner and they were clueless. So we left Tigger in his woodsy paradise. I hope he has a warm home. What a champ.


Pillows for the People said...

Such a beauty! I can only hope Pintxo will grow to be such a lovely beast.

Q_Monroe said...

how did you resist not snatching him up? you certainly are guarding your heart... i think you shoudl go back and get him!