Monday, October 06, 2008

Goodbye Fezzik

Fezzik the Mouse
9/23/08 (?) - 10/6/08

I only knew you for 4 days Fezzik but considering your youth, these past few days were a big part of your short life.

When I heard you chirping in the curtain with Crawford lording over you, I wasn't sure if you would live longer than a day. You lived all weekend but you got smaller and weaker without your mom here to care for you.

I was so glad to know you for that little bit of time. I wish I could have done more for you and I wish you could have lived longer. I was getting used to having you around little one.

I miss you and our hourly feeding sessions. I miss filling up jars with hot water so you could stay warm and cuddly. I miss your little whiskers tickling my nose and your greedy mouth licking up milk remnants off my palm. I miss your tiny little paws with miniscule nails clacking over my arms and your tiny nose always sniffing.

I loved watching you try to clean your belly and then get off balance and tumble over. Or the times you tried to itch your ear with your back paw but couldn't quite reach. You were so small and fragile, I was always afraid of crushing you. You trusted me and I wish I could have saved your life.

Thank you for staying alive until this morning so I could say goodbye one last time. Your last little big breaths are something I will remember a good long while. I hope you went to a far better place than this one and that someday your brothers and sisters will join you there.

I know it is silly to miss a rodent that you only knew for 4 days but I guess I just have to accept that is just me (this lioness understands). Now if only I could stop crying.


Q_Monroe said...

i'm sorry sweetie. i know how much you loved little fezzik already. he was more loved in his last days than he ever was in his days before you.


ohhh I am so sorry Eva!! Frizzik was so small and cute...i love how he play with your is so nice of u to rescue this hopeless mousy...i know he went across therainbow bridge knowing he was cared and loved. Eva you are amazing careing little animals like that. Thanks for inspiration!

Lesh said...

Eva! I'm so sorry for the loss of little Fezzik. He certainly was a special little creature. You did a great job caring for Fezzik and were devoted to the end. Smile for the friendship you made! Your caring and nurturing qualities are among your many wonderful qualities...

Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks guys for being such wonderful friends. and thanks Christine for helping me make it through this tough morning.

I know Fezzik is in a better place. I just wish I missed him less.

Pillows for the People said...

He may have been a mouse but thanks to Eva he died like a king. He truly is in a better place now. Fezzik Forever.