Monday, October 27, 2008

Middlebury Musings

Whenever I go to Middlebury, I can't help but think about Nicholas Garza.

I wonder if in some alternate universe Nick is still alive and it is his sophomore year. And as I am going around interviewing kids at the Quidditch World Cup, he is there in the crowd somewhere having a good time with his friends. Laughing jauntily and eating a crepe, watching the matches from the sidelines, throwing out sarcastic remarks and strolling to the library later to study.

And the beauty of it would be that I would never know him. His name would not have been splashed all over the TV and internet. Nick would just be another intelligent, motivated Middlebury kid starting out on his life's adventure.

I prefer to imagine him there still, walking to classes, enjoying the change of seasons, DJing at the local radio station and entertaining others with his wit. In a way, a part of him will always remain at Middlebury, even if his body is gone.

Nick's memorial is 4pm, November 8th at Middlebury College. He is very loved and very missed.