Monday, October 20, 2008

100th Episode of Stuck in VT

Last week was sort of like Stuck in VT's birthday. To celebrate, I threw a party for myself which, as my friend Freddy pointed out, can seem both "lame and desperate," but also very, very fun.

Thanks Seven Days for giving me a job AND these colorful happy flowers! I'm not worthy!!!



CONGRATS EVA!!!!! sooooo exciting!! woooo hoooo!! You know I was thinking I should have said in the video " I am stuck in Vt and I luv it because I met EVA!!"

Q_Monroe said...

yes you are worthy. i remember way back when, when you told me about your idea to interview everyday vermonters about why they love vermont and what they do in our fine state. who knew it would grow to be so big! i did!

xoxo, happy birthday stuck!

Jeff said...

Congratulations on making it to 100, Eva.

tonci said...

I want to be stuck in Vermont too! Permanently!!! (But first I need to stick you in Croatia!) ;D
Congratulations on the 100th episode!