Sunday, October 26, 2008

Motherfracking Madonna

Kat and I made the trek up to Montreal for Madonna on Thursday. In all of the many, many years that I have been listening to her, imitating her and shaking my butt to her music, I never once got around to seeing her live. WTF???

Luckily for me, I never throw ANYTHING away so it only took a little bit of digging to come up with my lace black cut off gloves (my sister got these for me in Paris when I was a freshly converted Madonna-phile), striped slutty mall dress (and yes, I can still cram into it), bright orange hair bow (the one they made fun of me for wearing to a Lamoille HS dance) and ripped up Sex Pistols t-shirt.

When she first came out on stage, my heart almost stopped. Then I recovered and danced the rest of the show which was a blur of colors, spectacle, poorly remixed old hits, crotch shots and a musty walk down memory lane.

That chick is 50. Seems like only yesterday I was mesmerized by her gyrating on Night Tracks and copying every move she made.

Love you Madge, more pics on Facebook.



wow! wow! wow!! you guys looks soooo great!! weee!! Madonnafied guys!!

Pillows for the People said...

I so cannot see if you are wearing your new tights in that picture!!!
Glad you had fun - because I know you did a lot of pre-production for that event.
xoxo p