Monday, October 20, 2008

Pillows for VTers

Lovely Parisa of Pillows for the People fame brought the sassy charms of Manhattan to VT this weekend. We zombie walked, drank lots of strange elixirs, ate food from many countries, consumed massive amounts of Halloween candy, visited Howard's End, soaked up the scenery and talked a blue streak.

WHo would have thought I would ever meet someone more energetic and expressive than me and with a similar quirky boho style (not to mention dark curly hair!?)?! Nick of Shelburne Orchards was sure we were sisters and I wonder if he is right?!

Fly safe Miss P and come back soon to visit your family in VT!




OMG you I must protect my brainz!! Eva you look sooooo funny!! I luv it!! sorry I missed Persia!!but it looks like you guys had so much fun!!

Q_Monroe said...

it was lovely to meet you Parisa, if only for that brief moment. I hope you left your locket and I will pay you via snail mail...

Pillows for the People said...

thank you Eva for being such a lovely girl/zombie.
xoxoxo, p

Redbeard76 said...

Hi Eva! I had no idea there was a blog to go with the shows! This is fabulous news.

I've seen the shows flipping past the channels in the last few years but finally stopped to see almost an entire episode the other night - The DC review episode of Peep Show, the British comedy. As a lover of British comedies, and familiar with Mitchell and Webb from their sketch show on BBC America, I was very interested in the Peep Show review as I was not familiar with the show. I realize that this episode was filmed 2 years ago, but I know I will tune in for more and not just flip by!