Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Socks are Stuck in VT


tonci said...

just wanted to say hi, it's really been a while. i've been super busy these last few months and finnally met my cousins from canada! a big family reunion kind of thing. it was a bit overwhelming when they were leaving, everyone was crying :) you should have seen my grandmother, she has never before seen her grandchildren and still can't quite grasp that they live on the other side of the world from us. she lives in a tiny village Vojnic with a mere 80 people and has never been in a city except Split, which isn't that big.
it was touching how she managed to get trough to them even if they don't speak the same language. i can't really describe it in words to tell you the truth.

still haven't started that blog of mine, i don't even think i will because of school and stuff, at least not for now. next year i'm going to college so i need to keep my grades up. but i'll definitely send you a couple of photos of Vojnic and everything. On the 6. december i'm off to paris (it's my 18th birthday!!!) so i'll send you a couple of those as well.

as i can see, you've led a pretty interesting life as well! love your new place and Lucy of course! she's wonderful, you can tell she's sweet and good natured just by looking at the photos. if only we could introduce her to Bobo :)

Eva the Deadbeat said...


So nice to hear from you and about your adventures around the world. And HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!! PAris is a great place to turn 18. Are you going to climb the Eiffel Tower, explore Les Catacombes, creep around Pierre La Chez, visit Jim Morrisson?

Vojnic sounds amazing. I would love to visit - maybe when I go to Split and believe me, it is on my radar. This is going to be one looong Vermont winter. How to survive? A trip to Split!

Your grandma sounds so sweet and it is wonderful that your family could all come and visit. Are you headed to Canada anytime soon?

Lucy says HALLO and sends Bobo some nose nudges (she might be a little hyper for Bobo - she likes to wiggle her butt in crazy circles of joy) and Crawford the Cat says Salut.

Take care and have a fabulous birthday! ANd get good grades!

xo E

tonci said...

visit jim morrison - definitely, climb the eiffel tower? well maybe, if i have time :))

i don't know when i'm going to canada, but i doubt it will be any time soon, the plane ticket is so expensive!

btw, bobo and lucy would get along just fine believe me. i've had bobo for 2 years now, so when i count how many times i have taken him out to do his businees, it ads up to around 1500, and he still makes the same spectacle out of it every single day! he looks as if he's got epilepsy, starts doing backflips lol

take care and keep warm! :)