Tuesday, November 06, 2007


People often ask me what Lucy is. Besides being a real champion Cuddle Bug and a blue ribbon Wiggle Butt, there are many breed possibilities: a whippet, beagle, hound, shepherd, rottweiler mix of some kind is possible.

I've considered making up a breed for her like a Whipnugget. Sound plausible? The Whipnugget is a very hard to breed dog with magic teeth that is shipped in from Tasmania to the fortunate few.

So far, her most full blown breed characteristics seem to be of the whippet variety such as:

Interestingly, some whippets are subject to "excessive greeting disorder". This unique greeting ritual is characterized by wild displays of exuberance - bounding, jumping, howling, barking, etc. - when their owners return from long absences of 10 minutes or more. This can be a problem with very young children in the house as they may easily be knocked over.

My "poor man's racehorse" loves to run like a bullet and sleeps the rest of the day so she seems quite whippet-ish. Not to mention her cockroach sleeping position which Wikipedia claims is common to sighthounds.

Aww, I never thought I could love a cockroach so much!


Q_Monroe said...

ah the joys of dog ownership. ella ate something d-sgusting last night and puked all over my comforter at 3 am. grr. woof. bark.

Undead Molly said...

WHIPNUGGET! I love it. I don't see any molecule of Rottweiller in her - who said that? They're so thick and stout... she's mui petite.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Lucy says what are you two waiting for, come over and rub her cockroach tummy!

what is that dog that has a wrinkly face? a sharpe? i think she has some of that cause she makes funny worried faces and wrinkles her brow.

ugh, you get puke Suz and I get liquid poo. we are lucky ladies!

Q_Monroe said...

hee hee, lucy is part brown sharpie.

Anonymous said...

My whippet is 14-1/2 and still going very strongly. I hate to consider it, but when she passes I'm getting another after a suitable grieving period.