Friday, November 30, 2007

Soup, Snow and Stuck

I finally found the time to make my winter soup, a "recipe" based on my mom's which is basically throwing all the vegetables from the produce dept into a big pot and simmering for hours.

In this case I used: a turnip, a beet, potatoes, garlic, onions, a jalapeno pepper, carrots, swiss chard, a can of tomatoes, mushrooms and lots of water. It takes a while to chop everything up but I am lazy and leave everything in big chunks.

A glass of wine or two later and you have a tasty broth to chase the winter chills away. I enjoyed my hearty soup with some toasted olive ciabatta bread and brie. Yummmmmy.

Wednesday it snowed! Lucy and I took an early morning jaunt through the woods and it was magical. That first layer of snow sticking to trees and underbrush transforms the woods into an enchanted playground.

Lucy, a dog who has probably never encountered snow before now, was so pleased about an empty snow-covered field that she dashed around in excited loops and made me smile so much my face hurt.

Stuck in VT, the arts & culture video vlog I make for Seven Days has been doing really great recently. It won a couple of awards and I've been getting a lot of helpful feedback. The rest of the year's vlogs are already booked with some interesting stuff I am looking forward to.

And if this article is correct, my job might have some security as newspapers across the country embrace video content. Hell yeah.

And I am getting unstuck from VT for a bit! Upcoming trips to NYC and SF which will entail some work projects and some fun visiting time too. It'll be nice to get a change of perspective so I can come back to VT fresh and ready for another year of Stucks.

2008, are you really only one month away? And what does the future hold? Does Goma have anything to do with it??!

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