Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yummy Joan Jett

Who knew the fair could be so much fun? And who knew that Joan Jett was so BAD ASS after all these years!?! My lungs still hurt from all that hooting and hollering.

We tried SO HARD to get backstage to meet Joan and Mr Hotty Nose but alas, it was all to no avail. Next time Joan Jett, next time you will not escape us!


Herb said...

You probably didn't get to meet her because she had to rush to her hotel for some prune juice and a good night's sleep.

I'm not saying she's old, but the original lyric's to "I Love Rock n' Roll" were "put another farthing in the juke box, baby".

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh no you didn't Herbert!

PS Don't knock prune juice till you tried it.

PPS Is your show this Friday at the Red Square your fabled "naked show"?

Herb said...

I didn't try Prune Juice, it tried me.

And you'll just have to see.

Junk Thief said...

So when are you two getting hitched? No offense to the fair, but it's kind of sad that Joan has to play at fairs and not bigger venues. But I'm sure she and the crowd were great. I was sad to see that another favorite from the '80s, The Motels, are also playing county fairs in the U.S. but prestige spots in Australia and Europe. Tells you a lot about this disposable minded culture!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Herbavore - never let prunes get the better of you, the results can be disastrous.

i wait for friday with baited breath...crap! i gotta vlog the art hop - am i gonna miss gratuitous nudity??? bloody hell.

gregg- I totally agree, as much as I relished Joan (and her prunes) - the fair show thing was a wee bit saaaaaad. fair gigs seem to be where the old and washed up end up - or the young and the hungry. but at least Joan still RAWKS!

[the ceremony will be a quiet one....just our closest friends and loved ones...]

Q_Monroe said...

joan jett can put another dime (or farthing) in my juke box anyday. i do believe it is not possible to play "i hate myself for loving you" too loudly -- ever.

just spent the weekend with my grandma -- a fervent supporter of prunes, though not god. her morning prayer: "give us this day our daily prune" and then she pops one in her mouth.

gotta love the oldies.

(embarrassing truth: i keep prunes in my glove compartment).