Monday, September 03, 2007

Washington Post Vlog Envy

The Washington Post has high res HD vlogs that are just so damn dreamy. HOT DAMN!

Looks like they are shooting with at least two cameras and they are nice cameras too. Also, wireless lavs and occasional on-camera reporter introductions. There is an ad at the head of the vid. According to Wikipedia, they have 6 videographers on staff. Oddly, the vids are not your standard 2 minutes internet length. Like SF Gate, they are a tad long, over 5 minutes in many cases. The editing is tight but relaxed.

My favorite videos so far are Fakefest and Nerds are in the Hoooouse!

And just to make me MAD with jealousy, there is OnBeing, another Washington Post video foray. Dang, they got the hang of this video journalism and then some!

Is there a place keeping track of this new field of journalism? I am not even sure what this sector is called? Podcasting? Vlogging? Journalism? Maybe it needs a new hybrid word like PVJing.

Beats me, either way, I am green with envy since I have spent the weekend trying to upload vids to the internet that do NOT look like ASS. Argh.


Undead Molly said...

It must be exciting but also frustrating to be a pioneer in an under-appreciated, little understood brand spankin' new medium. I think you have a lot of guts to be one of the first vlogmonauts.

P.S. On a personal note I have to interject that I HATE the Washington Post and I wish them nothing but death, disease, failure, allopecia, constipation, cystic acne, patchy facial hair, uncontrollable flatulence, ageusia, halitosis, and incurable inner ear infections.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks Molly. I find the innovations exciting as they unfold but it is also frustrating when I can't conquer simple things like getting good looking video on the internet. Then my focus gets pulled in 10 different directions at once and I lose focus which is no good. But it is rather enjoyable exploring outer space, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And when I think about how far things have come from when was a wee girl, well, it is really quite shocking. Makes me wonder what strange skintennas and ESP-devices the future will hold?

PS And remind me never ever EVER to get on your bad side as I already have all the cystic acne, flatulence and constipation I can handle! What did those Jackasses a the Post do to you? Lemme at 'em!

Undead Molly said...

Oh, they haven't done anything to me. But they did royally clusterfuck a dear friend. So they are my enemy forever. I have not yet devised any means of substantial revenge, for now I just take every opportunity to issue vile curses and invectives against them.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Eek, now I remember what you are referring to. That is quite evil. Why is it that your vile curses sound like poetry!?