Monday, September 17, 2007

Sea Scent and Spiders

Sea green is the new color of my living room but its actual name is "sea scent." The army of long-legged spiders, of which there were 10 or so, fled to the radiator for safety.

As of yet, there is no real scent besides the overwhelming smell of paint fumes. But I will be smelling for the ocean.

I look forward to many long mornings sipping my coffee and gazing at my sea-colored living room.

I am glad 30 Rock won an Emmy but annoyed The Office did not win more. And not one Emmy for our current addiction, Battlestar Gallactica. A travesty, and boring too.

Thank god for Elaine Stritch and crazy old ladies everywhere - and yes, that includes YOU Sally Field.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Stritch reportedly hollered from the stage after winning the Emmy for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. “I’m a recovering alcoholic, a riddled diabetic, and I’ve got laryngitis … but I just won an Emmy!”


Herb said...

I just bought The Office season 3 box set. The deleted scenes are great. It's like an extra ten minutes per episode. Mmmmm....

Did you hear they might split the final Battlestar Season into two parts? We may not see the end til 2009.

Q_Monroe said...

what color will the next room be? Mountain air green? eau de sunflower yellow? can't wait. painting is fun!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh boy, maybe The Office Season 3 DVD Extras will keep me occupied until they release BSG Season 3 DVDs - god, what a nerd I am. 2009? Argh!!!! the torture!! Wants a constant feed of BSG!

I am thinking Scent of Cat Butt for my next masterpiece. It is a flavorful reminder of all the kitty butts I will no longer have to smell in my soon to be dog-occupied home. heeheheheheh.

Undead Molly said...

Why aren't there pictures of the sexy naked painting party?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

shhhhhhh!!! cavorting nude with penguins and house paint is actually illegal in some states!!!