Sunday, September 09, 2007


Too tired to post. Too tired to upload pictures.

I blame the Art Hop, the stifling heat, the birthdays, the new house, the events that I just HAD to go to and the fact that I am dumb enough to stay up until 5am blabbing when I should be editing.

Still, gotta grab the summer evenings before they slip away...

And there were some nice highlights like the Van Der Polls singing happy birthday to 7 Days in Dutch (she is 12 yrs old), the 7 Days Art Hop bday bash, meeting Ben Cohen (!?!?!) and babbling like a star struck idiot, juicy late night conversations about life and travels, a reunion with the girls at "our place," meeting many friendly people at the Hop, being a fly on the wall backstage at Strut, cat talk with Molly who does not wear pants, Emily's fabulous frog creations, and seeing MORE SpielPalast girls than you can shake a stick at.

At least my weekend was not as overwhelming as poor Brit Brits. Sigh, I was rooting for you kid! How can you be over the hill at 25?! OUCH!

Back to work.

PS Since this post is called Fried, must mention Drew's deep fried books which Scott documents here. Good stuff. Yums.


Anonymous said...

Even though I'm apart of the orginal mtv generation. I'm afraid it's left me behind. I saw bits of the award show after I got home. After seeing Elvis Costello with the nashvile symphony!!!!! BUt then again what wouldn't be disapointing after that. But you got to meet Ben Cohen.

DEE Ben Cohen, Wow, thats really something. To shake the hand of the genius that coined the pharse chunky monkey.

Is Ben and Jerry's HQ still in Burlington? Is there a Factory? Are there tours? Do they give out free samples? Does Southwest fly out to Burlington?

take care sweety

Herb said...

If Britney had used the van der Polls (note spelling) for back up dancers instead of all those chumps, maybe things would have gone better.

Junk Thief said...
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Junk Thief said...

At more than twice her age, it makes me feel a bit better to know that I can still dance with a lot more energy than Britney. However, alas, I probably won't be ever seen in public again in anything quite that skimpy, no matter how much my fans might clamor for it. (Har, har.

Q_Monroe said...

i don't care what anybody says, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for britney.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Ah, Britney really jinxed herself there Herb. There is nothing like a chorus of van der Polls (spelling noted) to spice up a lackluster performance.

Junk Thief, no offense but an avocado can dance with more energy than poor Brit Brit did that night. oi!

Me too Suz. I do love her still. It was so sad to see her so off her game though. I think she was terrified or jacked up on something.

Yep, the VMAs sucked dog doody. Yuck!

Junk Thief said...

Actually, Eva, I have to be careful when I wear green. People want to stick tooth picks in me and submerge my bottom half in water to see if I'll sprout roots. I've always thought my dancing style was akin to pomegranates more than avocados.