Thursday, May 31, 2007

NEW DBC Airs Friday!

Well, I only had to squeeze out a few guts, tears and bloody nipples to finally finish the May episode of The DBC. And look at that, it is only one month late ! Not bad at all for a deadbeat!

DBC 31 (The Very Late Episode)
May 2007
Fridays at 11:30pm
Sundays at 9pm
Playing for 1/2 of June

In addition to a brand spanking new episode of DBC airing Friday, there will also be a new show on VCAM entitled, you guessed it, Stuck in Vermont. It is a good way to see the STVT vlogs without all that nasty YouTube compression (which is getting better vlog by vlog I hope). Oh boy!!


Anonymous said...

hi eva,
it's tony from nashville. i'm glad things are going well. When can we see the new deadbeat club on the net.

take care

Anonymous said...

Hi its me again
I forgot you should toatly check your po box A.S.A.P.

your tennssee fan

digibudi said...

Hi there Eva!
Just watched the latest shows, loved it! Especially the Cabaret Spielpallast! You're great!

Salty Miss Jill said...

I just finished watching...thanks for these! You are my new heroine. Plus, you are adorable in this photo...;)

damion said...

what's the deal with your youtube account suspension? it's not youtube without, well, you.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oooh, a package, I can't wait Tony! Thanks! I will try to figure out how and where to put the DBC on the internets again - still a wee bit discouraged from the whole YT ban thing and all but will muster the energy one of these days. Thanks for caring though (aww, so nice Damion!)!!

Yay yay! And thanks for watching the Spielpalast Digibudi and Salty Jill! Wish you guys could have come to the show but it is the next best thing (minus the smells of course!). Am in a bit of a cabaret-withdrawl at the moment but too busy to think about it too much...alas!