Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eva on WCAX Wednesday

Wednesday on Channel 3 at 6pm,
watch me blab about YouTube and my internet "life."

Kate Duffy, a WCAX reporter, is doing a series on Vermonters who use YouTube. Her goal is to open YouTube up to viewers who may be intimidated by this new media.

I got to see a little preview of the segment tonight (there is another preview airing tomorrow on the morning news). It consists of a clip of me filming Seth and David at our last SpielPalast Dress Rehearsal at Contois and a sound bite of me saying enthusiatically, and with much gesticulating (surprise, surprise), "A friend told me about YouTube and then my world OPENED UP!"

Then they did that funky news editing thing where I was still talking BUT they cut the sound and I continued blabbing silently. I find that disturbing.

Also disturbing, I think my title was "Local Celebrity" but it was so fast, I could be wrong. I don't recall being asked what my "title" should be. I would have opted for, "Scary Monster and Super Freak" or "Professional Deadbeat."

The interview experience was interesting. I am so used to being the one sticking a camera in people's face and peppering them with questions. It felt nice to be the one answering the questions for once. And, as you may have guessed, one I got started, they could not get me to shut up.

Kate Duffy and her camera guy Andy were super nice and set up really efficiently. It is always nice to see how professionals work. They were also generous enough to run a blurb on the nightly news 2 weeks ago about the cabaret.

After the sit down interview, they told me to go about my "vlogging business" as if they weren't there. I proceeded to film Phinn and Roxanne as they lugged props up the steps into City Hall. I cornered David and Seth and started asking them questions.

They got the added fun of talking to me on camera as Andy was filming all three of us. It was pretty meta. That was one of the clips that aired in the preview.

They also filmed me interviewing the most amazing Esse, AKA the formerly-mute Bitsy. I hope they use that clip. That kid is a star.

All in all, it was fun but stressful. I was split between vlogging the cabaret, trying not to look totally foolish on camera and getting into full make-up, hair and costume (no easy task, I assure you) on time for our dress rehearsal.

In the end, it all worked out ok. And I can't wait to see the segment! How nice to be edited by someone else for a change! The best part is the cute way the WCAX anchor person announces the clip and pronouces "YouTube" like it is some nifty new rocket powered device the kids are using. I am not making fun, I really do find it charming.

And in other news, you might be seeing more of me on Channel 3 in the future. Say no more!


Q_Monroe said...

ooh, hope i get to see it. you will find a way to capture it on youtube or something won't you? that's so great. any more of you on channel 3? do tell? darn, for once i am wishing i had cable.

righthandman said...

i saw you on tv! nice work!

digibudi said...

Why do I live in Belgium? I want to see you being interviewed!!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks guys! is on internets now! go seeeeeeeee my 5 seconds of local tv "fame"!