Friday, May 25, 2007

Sweet Caroline Rocks the Half

Sweet sweet Caroline O'Connor rocked the 1/2 Bar last night. Outside, Church St was abuzz with recently awakened summer activity, but inside it was all cooool.

Some may already know Octavia Blaze from the fabulously talented SpielPalast Band (perhaps you recall her sultry rendition of Minnie the Moocher, yes sir!) but Miss Caroline writes her own tunes as well. Oh yes, her smoky voice filled the dark sardine-shaped room with heart-felt original lyrics that make one's spine tingle.

Caroline switched from guitar, to harmonica, to piano, to sax - making one wonder what instrument she does not play. Some visits from Matthew on bass and Zoe on sax rounded out the evening - the show was awesome. Way to rock it Caroline.

And did I mention she massages as though gifted with hands of the gods? And her name is even on a fancy gold plate on the door! Jeezum! What a lady!

PS And cabaret girl sightings were pretty cool too...make a girl squeal with delight.

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