Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Suzanne and Miss Ella

I remember the first time I met Suzanne. She was applying for a job at the Flynn and I noted her pink nail polish during the interview. She was nervous about the payroll test which I was in charge of administering. I never would have guessed at that moment that she would get the job and we would become bosom buddies. Now I can't imagine my time at the Flynn without her in it.

Suzanne does her famous Jeanie Nose Twitch at Abbie's Going Away Party Last Year

It gets harder to meet people when you are older. I don't know why that is. But Suzanne and I became friends quickly. I think it was equal parts her being very nice and friendly and also, her wanting to tell me about her new boyfriend. Thus began our long talks about love, life and all the murky stuff in between.

Before you knew it we were chatting away our days, taking long lunches and walks and, eventually, IMing up a storm (despite the fact that we worked a stone's throw from one another). Even though, on the face of it, we couldn't be much more different (eg: she is healthy and outdoorsy, I sit at a computer in my free time), we have lots in common and our conversations have never, ever been dull.
Suzanne and Eva Get Very Very Very Drunk at SpielPalast Last Year

Suzanne is one of those people who you are instantly comfortable with. She's sassy, smart, silly and creative even if she is too busy living her life to blog too often (but she always makes my day by commenting on this ol' blog!). She is a sweet and thoughtful friend, sister and auntie. Some of my most favorite times in this town have been our long Mirabelle SATC lunches when the conversation was so scintillating that I forgot to eat my key lime pie (which is saying A LOT if you have ever tried this delicacy).Suzanne and Abbie eating two of the dozens of creamees we devoured last summer on one of our many essential "Creamee Breaks"

She's a deep one, that Suzanne. Her sunny disposition mustn't fool you. Underneath an easy going exterior lurk many layers that twist and tangle and consider things carefully. But when it comes down to it, Suzanne enjoys life and I love her for that. Her spark, energy and joy make me shut my trap when I am angsting and sit back to enjoy the moments we have. Suzanne and Eva at Aimee's Going Away Party Last May

I love you Miss Suzanne Monroe and am so glad our paths crossed. I wanted to make you a birthday video montage and re-post the Offastys to YouTube as well but, alas, another all-nighter took away my "Oomph." But you can bet you'll be getting some birthday spankings later today (once I wake up).

Thanks for being such a positive bright life in my life! Smooch smooch!


Q_Monroe said...

what a birthday surprise! thank you eva -- you are the greatest. so sweet. i'm so glad you are in my life! can't wait to see you today.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

super smoooooooooooooooch! xoxo

digibudi said...

Oh my God! It's Suzanne Monroe, the famous star from the Offisty! Happy Birthday Suzanne! And thnx Eva for such a beautiful post.. mister Scrumpy says hello too!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Hi mr Scrumpy!!! I love your colorful pouch!@