Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Liminal Engagement is Stuck in VT

PS And many thanks to Bill and everyone for your kind words about my YouTube demise. It makes me feel much better even if it still stings a bit. Gotta run, four days of dress rehearsal in a row!! Egads, my feet will fall off from all this dancing! I finally found my own pair of Red Shoes!


Anthony Sprott said...

I was so sad about what happened to you. But they are not the world or the world wide web. I am certain your fans will follow you anywhere you post.
yours truly

Junk Thief said...

Glad to know your dancing away your woes, not sulking after the gut punch. Just don't let the red shoes drive you to the brink a la the Powell/Pressberger film.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks Tony and Greg! I just might get a wee bit carried away and do a swan dive off City Hall's Steps - the red shoes made me do it! ;)

Junk Thief said...

Oh, do be careful. I was just watching Sophie Scholl tonight, and thought of you. That girl also paid a bitter price for spreading the truth, but unlike Eva at least she got a show trial.

digibudi said...

My god, Eva! I can't keep up with all your wonderful postings! Sunday I've got my day off, so meet you at the beach with some new prints from your blog! I just need to read all of this in my own time babe! :) love you!!!!!!!!