Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TO DO lists, Gardens, and Winooski

I recently reread an old journal from the days when I moved back to VT from CA. That was in 2004 and I was experiencing severe culture shock and loneliness. I missed my friends, the sun and the ocean.

As is my usual MO, I made many TO DO lists in an attempt to turn my sad sack situation around. I have been keeping TO DO lists for most of my life. Tasks here and there are slowly crossed off while others are forgotten.

What was so pleasant about this particular far fetched TO DO list is that I HAVE DONE almost every damn thing on it, even the weird shot in the dark suggestions!?

So here it is (sandwiched between comics, doodles and ramblings) replicated for posterity in my 4th year of [happily] living in VT:

COMIC - get comic in 7 Days! [ok, I did not get a comic in 7 Days but I DID get my videos on their website - close?]

MAKE website [ok, bunnyspice.com is a thing of the past now but I DID do it!!]

GET PUBLIC ACCESS SHOW [this is underlined with 4 wavy lines]

Do sketch comedy with Margot and animals

BE IN MUSICAL - try out for Grease [yes, I was Cha Cha]

GET FREELANCE VIDEO WORK - for public access - local commercials - producing/directing/editing [if only I knew how real all this would become!!??]

This journal is particularly special to me as the pages after this TO DO list contain my possible titles for the cable access show which eventually became The Deadbeat Club. And then there are notes, doodles, scripts and stop mo animation for my first couple of episodes. Aww, memories.

Friday is my birthday. If I work hard enough, I can cross some things off my current TO DO list and then have a week off?!?! Here are some recent pics of my garden and my hood.


Q_Monroe said...

is that a magic journal? is that a magic pen? perhaps you should write:

To Do: Live happily ever after...

I think it will come true.

But remember, there is no magic. there is just you and you are the doer of all things and you make things happen for you. and you are fabulous!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Oh, I love to do lists. I do manage to get to them but often in a very non-linear fashion. I need to add a blog post about to do lists to my to do lists.

And a very happy birthday in advance greeting! I'll light a candle on a cupcake come Friday in your honor.

Pillows for the People said...

Girl Of 100 Lists lyrics!

Ghetto blasters, phony jewels

Cathedrals, castles, making up rules

Trashy novels and leather gloves

This is a list of the things I love


I am the girl of 100 lists

From what shall I wear

To who I have kissed

Check items off

Let nothing be missed

Sing I to myself and my 100 lists

Pick up your laundry, doctor's at ten

We're out of toothpaste, rehearsal (again)

Stop by the bank and cash my pay

These are the things I must get done today


Ricky and Danny and Terry and Jim

Dean lasted six months-don't forget him

Perhaps some day this list will end

Till then I tally my gentlemen friends