Friday, August 01, 2008

Marilyn Moment

We never get sick of you, especially when procrastinating and surfing YouTube for distraction:

Marilyn from childhood to her death
Marilyn's last photo shoot (as imitated by Lindsay Lohan)
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - my favorite musical number of all time from one of my favorite movies, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" where men only exist to get ladies ciggies, drinks and tiaras
My Heart Belongs to Daddy - my 2nd favorite musical # from an amazingly good movie, "Let's Make Love"
Lady impersonating Marilyn's last photo shoot
Marilyn impersonating film stars
Thank you Celine Dion
Arty montage
Her rubber faces - no wonder I like her so

OK, my procrastination is done.

But before I go, you know that famous subway grate photo op from the 7 Year Itch (also a very good film)? I heard that her husband Henry Miller was in the crowd while they were shooting it and he was so pissed that she was flaunting her legs for all of NY to see that they went home afterwards and had a blow up fight which lead to their divorce.

There she was being adored by millions and immortalized as the personification of SEX and she was not loved by the ONE man she wanted. Heartbreaking.