Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Procrastination Queen

I realized why I work late at night (besides the fact that it is genetic, thanks Dad). No one is around to call, email, Facebook, Twitter or contact me.

Sure, if I had a stronger will I could just ignore all these ways to be distracted but the truth if, I LOVE DISTRACTION. It is amazing I can accomplish anything, so great is my tendency toward procrastination.

Take now for instance. I am on a deadline. I should be editing. What am I doing instead? Blogging. Watching a "So You Think You Can Dance" Bollywood number on YouTube. Google image searching what John Edward's former mistress looked like. Tricking out my iGoogle homepage. Playing PacMan on new iGoogle page. Emailing pet pictures to Parisa.

ARGH! Must get back to work. Time to bribe myself with a cookie. Oh wait, I ate that bag of cookies during my last crunch. Craps. I will never be done.

1 comment:

Q_Monroe said...

you surf the web, i clean my house. just make sure you get all your work done before our bday celebration queenie!