Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Loot

I am not worthy. Not worthy.
I am very lucky. Very lucky.
I know some very sweet and creative folk.
Above is a lovely necklace made by the talented Sachie and featuring Crawford the Cat. Plus Sachie treated me to a delicious 55 course lunch at Single Pebble that left me bloated and satiated like Marlon Brando!
This is a beautiful handbag made by the super sweet Craft God Nikolaas in Belgium! Must make VT care package for Digibudi real soon! Where to take my fancy magic purse first!?!
And finally, the mega talented Giver of Crap (we are engaged in an ongoing Crap War which shows no signs of abating anytime soon) and amazingly sweet and thoughtful artist Undead Molly made this magnet of sexy Crawford the Cat. He is unsure how he feels about his new found celebrity.
Oh and THANK YOU sweet Miss Parisa for the bestest and the sweetest blog birthday card evah! I blush! La Sollberger is so pleased to know you!

I am a very lucky girl. These goodies will keep me satiated as I patiently await August of 2009 when I can hopefully score MORE birthday LOOT!



yey Eva!! you look too much cute with the necklace!! you deserve all the best Eva! xoxox sachie

Undead Molly said...

Now that I think about it, you really aren't worthy. Give it all back!

Lesh said...

I = bad at birthdays. Apologies. You, however seem to be fantastic at birthdays in that you are super gorg and are living the sweet life, full of kittys and Shelburne Farms. I miss you and I suck and I'm sorry. :) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Summer seriously drops my IQ by like 50 points. In a good way, most of the time.... xoxox