Monday, October 29, 2007

Zombie Weekend

Is it just me or are Molly's bosoms ogling me!?
The thing about being a zombie cameragirl is that it is really really hard to STOP smiling - even when you are SO HAPPY to be walking down Church St with a pack of ill-mannered flesh eaters.

Next year I will leave the camera at home and concentrate on draining my face of expression. It may take hours and some zen chanting or a nasty zombie bite.

I think this Burlington Zombie Walk was one of my most favorite Halloween adventures ever.

This week's Stuck in VT is gonna be good...if you like fresh brains that is...


Undead Molly said...

How will you keep a straight face if we bring Lucy Goosey?! I wish we'd had more time (my fault, I know). I would've mottled some other colors into my make-up so I didn't just look like a dumb vampire. Exhibitionist vampire.

UNDEAD CLEAVAGE has it's eye on you!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

S'true. I don't think Lucy will quite comprehend the zombie walk - smart though she may be. so i may have to be the Grinning Idiot Zombie yet again.

Next time we start getting ready at the break of dawn so we have loads of time for mottling!

and despite the rush, you and your bosoms still looked stunning!

PS i swear, there are eyes on your i coo coo?