Friday, October 12, 2007


Happy 40th Matt!

Happy 5-0 Kelly Jane!

Happy belated Bday Lil Orphan Holly!

Congrats Lauren and Jeff!

Welcome home Crawford!

Give some money to the Human Society TODAY!

Marcel, STOP your griping!

KISSES round the world to Nikolaas and Sir Junk!

NOTE: Shelburne Farms Inn closes for the season next weekend!
Eat the food pictured above before it is TOO LATE!
Hurry up!

GO SEE Four Eyed Monsters tomorrow. YES.
Oops, it played tonight....erhm...I officially suck.
OK, go meet one of the filmmakers tomorrow at a panel I am blabbing on!

Molerats are such admirable creatures.
They deserve new mattresses and shower curtains and purple toys.

PS Allison is pretty hot, eh!

PPS Above is an intimate look inside my scrambled egg head.


Undead Molly said...

HUMANE SOCIETY NEEDS HELP! You can make donations online through their website (it's secure and easy - I've done it myself). Or you can purchase and drop off supplies:

- non-clumping cat litter. Must be non-clumping!
- paper towels and toilet paper
- high quality canned and dry cat and kitten food (there's an Eagle Pack sale at Pet Food Warehouse Oct 13-21!). They really prefer foods with no dyes or byproducts because shelter life is hard enough without digestive troubles from crappy food, y'know?
- Feliway diffuser refills
- Anti-bacterial liquid handsoap

Do it! Do it! Do it now! I command you!

la-la-lani said...

Funny how that smoochy girl-on-girl photo coincided with National coming Out Day (yesterday). Christopher reminded Flynnies with an inter-office e-mail proclaiming "I'm gay!" Which Carol C. seconded. Sadly, CK is leaving us. Sooo bummed.

Humane societies and shelters often will also gladly take old, clean blankets, towels, sheets, and soft t-shirts that they can cut open and use as rags. They use them for birthing mothers and new pups, kitties, bunnies, etc. You may not love your grungy old towels any longer, but an animal just might like to snuggle up in them. Plus, you then have an excuse for shopping. But if you're in a shopping mood, you really should pick up a few of Molly's items, and maybe a new kitty....

Undead Molly said...

Lani! Great suggestions. Last I knew, the humane society of Chittenden county was filled to capacity with bedding, blankets, scratching posts, pillows, and food bowls. But they go through stuff fast! If you have some of those items you can call to check - 862-0135.

ALSO don't forget about the Franklin County HS in St. Albans and Central Vermont in Barre, Addison County in Middlebury, North Country Animal League in Morrisville, etc...

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! That was left field. But good on you. Everybody derserves to be happy.

allison said...

How did I know I could find this photo on your blog?!

Happy Coming Out Day.

*har har*

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Allison, you are BEAUTIFUL and kissing you at Shelburne Farms was dreeeeeeeammmyyyy! SMMMACKKKKKKKK!!

Lani and Molly - you guys are awesome. I think we need to start a Humane Society fundraising campaign. Me and Molly are brainstorming!!

digibudi said...

A Big Kiss back to you! (and another kiss for Marcel)