Friday, October 05, 2007

Marcel Moves In

Fall is here. Marcel is keeping mum.Marcel thinks there is such a thing as too many clothes.
Marcel has made a new friend. Their conversations don't last long.
Marcel and Eeyore have lots in common.
Marcel finds Eeyore to be a bit of a Drama Queen.
Eeyore thinks Marcel should lighten up.

Marcel is not a huge fan of autumn.
He does not like cluttered yards.
Marcel feels a sudden burst of self-confidence.
"Unhand me striped-sorbet giantess!"
Marcel dreams he is in a tulle-filled ocean.
Marcel has been staying up late watching previews.
His head feels mushy.
"Well hello ladies, zig ah zig hah, indeed."
Sun tanning has always felt more like sun roasting to Marcel.
He has fair frog skin.
Marcel would rather be skiing.

We don't want you to go!"


Undead Molly said...

You know, Marcel's suicide threats never get old. They ultimately enliven us all.

Ladron de Basura said...

Oh, I am enjoying the adventures of Marcel! Is there a video in the works? Would he like to be a guest on my show?

Steven Hazen Williams said...

i love the marcel posts!

Herb said...

Every time I see Marcel in public he's drunk. Poor guy.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

S'true. Marcel enjoys the sauce. There was a rather embarrassing incident involving a bucket of lard and a pair of chaps...

Ladron! Look at you and all your fancy names. Marcel has asked me to tell you that yes, he would be glad to make an appearance on your wonderful program provided that you can ensure him a first class ticket to SF and a bucket full of live insects. he also requests a cowboy hat and a bag filled with sugar...??

Steven - Marcel says he enjoys your poetry which is saying quite a lot as he hates most things.

Marcel wants Molly to know that his threats are not baseless! One of these days his bloody mangled, striped corpse will be discovered and Molly will be sad! But until then, there will be many many threats to keep you on your toes.

Undead Molly said...

Oh, it all makes sense now. I thought that the "provincial, teetotaling Dutchman" Marcel complains about after he's been downtown was a hallucination. It must actually be Herb.

Q_Monroe said...

oh how i love marcel!

Q_Monroe said...

hubba hubba marcel! that's some stump!

Herb said...

He called me provincial? ...after I gave him all my change.