Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Suzanne Day!

Today Suzanne turned 28 years old and we went out to Mirabelles to celebrate with warm goat cheese salad - yummy. Oh, who are we kidding, we eat there all the darn time?! But today we got three sugary goodies in honor of Suzanne's birthday. Again, who am I kidding, we get treats there all the damn time! Ah well, today they were special mini-birthday sweets: one key lime pie, a whoopie (chocolate cake filled with whipped cream) and some white chocolate cake thing that did not have a name. We were all a little sick after scarfing them down but it was worth it.

Happy birthday Suzanne Monroe! The Offasty just would not be the same without you - you bring the giggles and the naughtiness and the evil "hee hee hee" to our little section of cubicles. To celebrate, check out these episodes of The Offasty which star the fabulous Suzanne Monroe and Abbie Hepburn - The Offasty: Burnt Toast and The Offasty: Stolen Yogurt. Or try this Pixies music video to "Where is My Mind?" which is pretty much how we were feeling alllllll day as we tried to do work through the sugary, birthday haze:

Oh, and check out this funny article this guy I met on YouTube (we share an affinity for Britney Spears) wrote about his experiences being an extra at All My Children. My favorite bit had to be:

Now, everyone knows soap opera actresses are skinny. But let me be clear, they are not skinny — they're inhuman. The two young women in our scene were about four feet tall, and weighed no more than 70 pounds. Ok, I'm exaggerating. Maybe 75. These women are just ridiculously thin. Fifty years ago, they would have joined the freak show at the circus. Today, they're TV stars. Who knew? - Scott Harris
Speaking of skinny, I have been getting some flack on my YouTube videos of the Skel-fab Club girls (Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are the clubs founding members). Lots of people have been protesting that anorexia is NOT a joke. I agree that it is not a joke but PLEASE, if you can't poke fun at a pervasive social issue which is getting more and more out of control EVERY SINGLE DAY, then what can you do? I suppose do some silly skits with paperdolls, thus, the Skel-fab Club was born. You can watch some of their episodes here: The Skel-fab Club,
Skel Fab and Jared Leto, Skel-fab Oscar Highlights, Skel-fabbers Get Gorey, Skel-fabbers and Oprah, Skel-fab's New Convert, Skel-fab's Skinny Babble


Q_Monroe said...

I feel so honored & loved. It was a fabulous fabulous day, all thanks to my fabulous fabulous friends. Thank you!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

and YOU are a fabulous girl, much deserving of all things fabulous! you make every day better round these parts birthday girl!

Tmoore said...

can i just say, you ladies are FABULOUS! ;D