Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Return of The Offasty

This is for you Suzanne (the cutie sandwiched btw me and Miss Abbie above)! I uploaded all of the Offastys to Blip.

The Office + Dynasty = THE OFFASTY!!!

You can see all 4 of 'em documenting the tragedy of burnt toast, a stolen container of yogurt (below), Aimee and Abbie leaving the office and finally, yours truly absconds and Suzanne gets my office (nicely played Suzanne). Scene.

An office really is fertile ground for drama, tragedy and soap opera. I hope I never have to work daily in an office ever again. The monotonous 9 to 5, the water cooler chit chat, the mundane mass emails, the time wasted at the photocopier and mail machine, all kill my soul bit by bit.

The last Offasty episode is about my departure from the 9 to 5 work world. Oprah hasn't called yet but things have turned out quite well for me career wise. I am nourished and inspired by the work I do and I feel like a part of this vital community - how fucking awesome is that?

In The Offasty I met my dear friends Suzanne, Abbie, Lesh, Kelly, and Tracy (and that is only the short list - I am talking about you Jack and Gary!). And for that, I am forever grateful.

And remember, you haven't lived until you've had a dance party with a xerox machine. Sigh, I miss you guys.


Undead Molly said...

Eva, have you ever rad The Social Animal by Eliot Aronson? It's the most bloody amazing book about introductory social psychology... he describes a century of social psychology research - brilliantly simple conformity experiments that illustrate how malleable our morals and ideas of consensus reality really are when confronted with cultural zeitgeist and peer influence! It very scary. For me it just ripped the lid right off of all the crazy drama and dynamics I'd experienced in high school and in OFFICES!

It's very read-able. If you want, I can loan it to you when Spielpalast relinquishes your body and soul.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Yes please, I'd like to read it as I de-compress from the cabaret.

Maybe it can explain to me why I hated high school (never even bothered to graduate) and why I hate offices. Both resemble prison too closely and I despise having my time regimented by others.

Worst of all, both make you wake up early day after day!?!? INSANITY!!

Mike Marion said...


Great to see that the DBC has found a new home and outlet for its many fans who reside outside the Greater Burlington Metroplex.

Here's hoping it enjoys a happier tenure on BLIP-TV and won't get zapped like it did on YOUTUBE... where at least we still have Stuck In Vermont.

Hopefully you'll find the time to upload any of your recent Cable-TV shows onto BLIP. Although I believe that freetime is a limited commodity in your world.