Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dog Dreams and Warm Fuzzies

Lucy often has noisy dreams. I finally managed to capture one on camera. Once I mentioned her dreams at the dog park and everyone piped up simultaneously, "My dog dreams too!"

When I am editing late at night I frequently look down and admire these two sleeping lovebugs. They change positions often, snooze in various spots about the room and never cease to fill my heart with pure happiness.

Tomorrow they are both getting micro-chipped so I will always be able to find them. They will never escape me now, mohawhaw! Their cuteness is MINE, all mine!


Marie said...

That is so darling! I actually just ordered and recieved those special breakawy collars from the states complete with tags. They lasted a week before they 'broke away' and are now lost somewhere in France! A microchip certainly sounds better:)

Undead Molly said...

Crawdads is so chill! You somehow found one of the few cats in the universe who is so unbelievably mellow that he live harmoniously with hurricane Lucy.

Have you tried different kinds of litter for Crawford?