Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't You Wish You Were Backstage?

"Darlings, salut, it is me, CouchePartoo. Let me show you around our glamorous digs."
"This one will throw the first punch and can make voodoo dolls, watch what you say round her."
"Too much happy sauce for this cutie, cut her off."
"She may look a bit frightening but inside her is the heart of a kitten, c'est vrai, I have pet it."
"This landing is dangerous, watch your footing madame."
"Oooh, Miss Elsa will make your dreams come true."
"This monkey is an avid reader.""Sugar and spice and everything nice."
"Put your hand inside Eloise's box for a nice surprise..."
"Shucks, the nicest cowgal you ever did meet."
"Oooh, these Cigar Girls are so modern."
"Yes, is a glamorous dressing room, told you so."

"Here is where we hang our various costume changes."
"Oh Miss Mabel, you and your smoking habit have stolen my heart!"
We have been rehearsing the cabaret every Sunday since January. Below is a picture from our last Sunday rehearsal. We were locked out of Contois and spent an hour sitting around waiting. Luckily, we had lots of chairs.I wish I had more energy to describe what it is like performing in the cabaret but I am too tired. After three nights of show and a zillion barrel turns, feels like a truck ran me over.

Suffice to say that the audience is like a breathing entity. We feed off their energy, good and bad. And I think I finally understand that beautiful feeling of letting go and trusting the magic of theater. Sort of, kind of, a little.

One more weekend to go...

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Q_Monroe said...

hooray! you were fabulous. barrell turns galore!