Monday, May 19, 2008

The Cabaret Bomb

Serafina Pekkala: There are many universes and many Earths parallel to each other. Worlds like yours, where people's souls live inside their bodies, and worlds like mine, where they walk beside us, as animal spirits we call daemons.

The cabaret is over and I can finally focus on my garden and digging in the dirt. Planted three nut trees, a pussy willow tree, brilliant purple petunias and fragrant marigolds so far. That is about all I can muster today.

I also finally got around to seeing The Golden Compass which has totally enchanted me. I am in love with Lyra and her dark, magical world where threats and evil lurk beneath every antique twist and turn.

The cabaret after party was packed tighter than sardines and the 12 pack of Bud Light I brought was gone in 5 minutes. Next thing I knew, all the dip was gone, the cops had left and the sun was rising. What a lovely gaggle of madmen, deviants, vices, and sirens.

My house is a mess. Fans, glitter, sequins, frocks, wigs, hats, gloves, a peacock feather hat, brassieres, stockings, garters, my chair dance chair, etc. I've been living out of this suitcase for two weeks and am not quite ready to unpack yet. These once special costumes seem so lifeless and empty now.

I expect it will take some time to recover from the cabaret bomb.


Q_Monroe said...

make sure you read the books. they far surpass the movie that doesn't include nearly as many details about Lyra's enchanted world.

Glad you have moved back home out of the stairwell of Contois. Can't wait to see you.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh, I do love the books. But the movie is its own visual escape. Did not expect to love it as much as I did - so delicious.

YES! Wednesday come faster!!!