Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Winter Soldiers are Stuck in VT

I learned a lot making this video about the war. I discovered that testosterone and guns can be a destructive "Lord of the Flies" combination and that I have physical limits which I need to start respecting.

Lately, my video content has strayed off the chirpy arts & culture path which is refreshing but also a bit weighty. It is difficult to strike a healthy balance betwixt the good and evil that runs rampant and unchecked in this world.

Like my good friend Undead Molly, I am "rooting for good and betting on evil." Sigh, I need a Crawford cuddle!

These pictures were all (except the top) taken by Jon Michael Turner who is the vet heavily featured in the video. His video footage and stills are haunting. So much so that I stayed up all night Monday perusing them.

JT was kind enough to hold my hand when I almost collapsed/fainted while filming Thursday. What a sweet boy, breaks your heart to think of his war-inspired inner demons.


Undead Molly said...

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." St. Francis of Assisi

There will always be Big Darkness out there, but so long as there are also candles like you Eva and brave, brave Winter Soldiers I will never, ever give up hope.

Q_Monroe said...

this is haunting and sad and beautifully done.