Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bingo is Stuck in VT

Go visit my girl Kassiah at the Friendly's in Williston and leave a BIG tip!
BEWARE the Bitter Bingo Gods!
Not sure why the place was decked out in an Egyptian theme but I dig it!

What can I say, bingo is alternately boring (snore, zzzzzz) and anxiety-packed. So why do I have this urge to go BACK AGAIN?! Probably because I almost won $150 - they had the money in front of my nose and everything!! But I didn't say BINGO at the right moment (you got a 20 second window). NOW I KNOW.

I will beat you yet BINGO!

PS This video was really hard to make because bingo types are apparently quite skitterish. People were freaked out by the camera so I got hardly any b-roll. Was afraid to film people for fear of retribution! But I lucked out and met some very swell bingo experts thanks to the friendly folks in the snack bar.


Q_Monroe said...

poor eva was snoozing and missed her bingo! we used to play bingo in kiribati. it sure is a widespread game.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

ha-ha-ha!! so funny!! you did Bingo till you drop Eva! some ppl play 72 cards at one time?? that's insane!! I don't think i can handle even 5...well your video was jackpot! very fun!!