Sunday, March 23, 2008

Little Lucy

Lately I have been marveling at Lucy and how grown up she has been acting. This weekend we went on a walk up a desolate dirt road in Warren and she stuck close by us and did not chase any cars!

And even though she barfed on the twisty drive up to Sugarbush, she was a good girl and waited in the barfy car for me while I shot my video. What a trooper!

And at the dog park she is always so much fun to watch as she turns her wiggle butt into high gear and says hello to every person and dog at the park.

How could you not love such an adorable WIGGLE BUTT!??!

And check this out, she is even writing me email?!?

Dear Mom, Grandma is teaching me how to use the computer, to keep me busy. She took me for a walk today to Shelburne Farms. Unfortunately, she left me outside when she went to the bakery. It smelled great. I hope you've had a good time with Molly, but I had a good time, too, and I was good. Can't wait until you get home to see Crawdy and me!! Much love, Lucy


Goma said...

Lucy can has wiggle buttz!! haha. I like your writing much better than Goma's... it looks like you guys had too much fun outside!! I can't wait to bring Goma outside with my backpack too!! Crawford should join!!

Pillows for the People said...

I Love Lucy more than Desi Arnaz!

Q_Monroe said...

that lucy is so fickle. one minute eating your spice girls and pillows, the next missing you and being so sweet.

can't wait for wednesday!

Undead Molly said...

She sure showed us! I remember when Lucy first came everyone was like, "no way". But she has tried so hard and done so good! And she's only getting better and better every day.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Today Lucy got in two almost-fights at the pet store and tried to hump MY leg when I was dancing?

Me thinks I need to raise her proper and get this girl some Judy Bloom and a push up bra. Aieeeee...

PS And I still loves her wiggle butt!