Friday, October 06, 2006

Southpark Saves the World...of Warcraft

I don't play video games but my boyfriend does. He wears a geeky headset and unwinds after work by shooting Germans and throwing grenades (as Jim was doing recently in The Office). It's his "me" time and I guess I can compare it to the time I spend vegging in front of the YouTube BoobTube, only I am not really accomplishing much beyond watching 12 yr olds set each other's hair on fire.

But YouTube is good for some things such as the place where you can watch the entire episode 8 of Southpark which takes the piss out of gaming and World of Warcraft. The best part is easily Cartman spraying poop all over his chirpy mom and the constant dramatic statements such as, "IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD.........of warcraft." Oh, gotta love poo and drama.

If you missed it, watch it here, courtesy of YouTubers. Below is Part 1:

Part 2 and Part 3


Tmoore said...

yes. i am a dork... :)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

the cutest kind of dork ;)

fuchsiagroan said...

I have a question for all you gamer nerds out there. Do you think that, in about 25 years when gaming nerd-dom has thoroughly permeated mass culture, "pwning" could be a slang term for "awesome," "rad," and the like?

And if so, would people spell it "pwning" (which is kinda tough to pronounce), "pawning," or "powning"?

Or am I totally off base? What would be a good substitute for "awesome" derived from the world of MMOs and such? (Check out the Wikipedia entries for "pwn" and "1337"-- sounds like linguists study this stuff! They were certainly helpful to non-1337 me. However, sometimes I wonder if it is all a massive trick being pulled on the old folks.)groan

Tmoore said...

i'd say that in many circles these terms are already in common usage - i'd give it no more than 15 years before they start showing up in your alphabet soup. the |337 |-|@)(0R language is amazing to watch as well, changing as fast as it's users need it to... it's not a trick, but a language that is made to suit the rapidly changing nature of the internet, and its various groups and individuals who want way to identify friend from foe...