Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 4th

We celebrated on the roof with a sunset, a keg and cornhole. The bugs were a biting but the beer kept a flowing.

The next day we got up waaaay too early for the Warren 4th of July parade (wacky VT vlog to follow).

This weekend I spent way too much time in the sun (ouch), way too much time underwater being drowned by a sea creature, way too much cash on dinners out (and I maxed out my bank account, oops) and way too much time indulging with the Sunday Times (heaven).

Polluted lake water is sloshing around my noggin.

Now it is time to go back to work.


Pillows for the People said...

What's a cornhole?

p.s. I just realized you have 4 other blogs!

Q_Monroe said...

i wonder the same thing -- what's a cornhole.

and try dropping rubbing alcohol in your ear -- that'll dry up the polluted lake water.


SACHIE said...

Yey Eva!! Sunset picture is just breath-taking!! I was watching fireworks close to my place and strange old man came started to talk so I went home. Goma was hiding under the bed the entire time.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh I love you guys. Cornhole is some weird game from the Midwest where you throw bags of corn into a hole and compete for Cornhole DOminatioN! Or something like that. ;)

Good idea Suzanne! I still feel underwater, slosh slosh.

P - those other blogs are pretty inactive. I am more partial to vlogging than blogging...

Sachie! GOMA DID NOT ENJOY THE FIREWORKS? Oops, all caps. You should have come up onto our roof to get away from that weirdo. Next year!!!