Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Elton John [89]

7/21/08: Over 10,000 Elton John fans swarmed the Champlain Valley Expo Monday night to watch the Rocket Man play VT for the first time.  

After playing 49 other states, Elton finally made it to Vermont for his 50th.  Fans from all over the country came to see history in the making.

Eva talked to boa-wearing fans about Sir Elton's charms and sang some of his greatest hits.

We also met a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.  Can you guess the name of their son?  


Location: Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, Vermont


digibudi said...

I loved this episode of SIV! Beautiful people and such a positive atmosphere.. Love Elton too, in a way.. :)


OMG Elton rocked VT out!! I can't believe such a famous person performed in VT!! Madonna is next!!