Monday, July 14, 2008

2 Senators, Batman and Supergirls

Saturday was a wild day.

Here are the highlights:

Interviewed 2 Vt Senators, Bernie Sanders on Church St and Patrick Leahy in Montpelier.

Had assistance interviewing people and filming my Intros/Outros from Maggie and Anna (below).

Maggie is a member of the Supergirls Comics Club (run by the most awesome fellow comic book nerd Aubry) at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library - I wish I could join too.

Says Maggie (wearing my headphones below) in a careful-not-to-hurt-my-feelings-sort-of-tone, "You are doing a great job. But try to SLOW DOWN A LOT."

9 year old girls are SO SUPERGIRL cool.
Appreciated Ben T Matchstick's most awesome Batman haircut.

Enjoyed a tasty Mexican meal with Zombie Fighters (seen briefly in a former Stuck, Burlington Zombie Walk), post-apocalyptic kickballers (future Stuck?) Aubry and Pete, Ben the Beloved Storyteller and Cardboard Wielder and my Joker-loving sister.

Saw the premiere of The Dark Knight DAYS BEFORE everyone in the world got a chance to see it - KABLAMMO!

This Batman event was covered in The NY Times, USA Today and the Boston Globe. VT MADE HEADLINES!! Thanks Leahy!

Rocked out to Space Tiger.

Talented 9 yr old band leader Aiden helped me fix my camera mike mount.

Bought a cool 10 in 1 tool at a hardware store to keep in my camera bag for the next time something needs screwing.

Interviewed the Mayor of Montpelier and Scudder Parker and some other political big wigs.

Ate FOUR cheese puffs IN A ROW without getting reprimanded.

GADZOOKS Batman what a day! Thanks for being so entertaining Montpelier!

Back in Burlap, I spent all of Sunday recovering...and digitizing...

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