Saturday, April 22, 2006

Everyday is Like Easter Sunday

Tanner was nice enough to have me up to his family's Easter meals in Alburg and Highgate. We ate lots of tasty treats and had a neato time with his family. His grannies and grampy are the sweetest and his pop is super duper nice and understated. Tanner's dog Bean snorts like a pig when you put your head real close to her and give her kisses (which it is impossible not to do - over and over again). His grandparents live in a perfect little cottage right on the water in Alburg and his granny collects these cool little glass doo dads which are all over the house. They have an ancient, mysterious cemetery behind their house and it seems like they have found the best place in the world to spend their twilight years. It was one of those perfect, cloudy days which progressed slowly and calmly and involved decadent food, nice people, family and friends and lots of chill time in the car listening to blues, classical and jazz tunes. Here is a little montage to commemorate a gray, beautiful, rainy Easter Sunday in Northern Vermont.


Anonymous said...

Girls, I love you!

I'm currently up at 3:43 AM in Australia watching your videos on YouTube hahaha..

Keep up the great work, im a huge fan lol.

- Ivan, (

Eva the Deadbeat said...


Super cool! Thanks for watching and be on the look out for the Aussie hot babes of the month segment and do NOT expect no lame ass Hugh Jackman in there! Oh no! it is obscure and silly!

Hi to all the Aussies!

rock! Eva of the Deadbeats!