Monday, March 02, 2009

New Stucks on VCAM TONIGHT!

Lordy, I can barely keep track of it all. Between Facebook status updates, learning TweetDeck and Twitter, producing my weekly vlog Stuck in VT for Seven Days and posting it to Facebook, YouTube, Blip and VCAM and re-running my cable access show The Deadbeat Club - which way is up and which way is down?

OK, this I know, tonight you can see some fresh Stucks on VCAM where they look much nicer than all pixelated on the internets:

Stuck in Vermont
VCAM, Channel 15
Mondays @ 8:30pm
Tuesdays @ 9:30am

Playing in February/March 2009:

January Episodes 111-114, 7Dtv15
Champlain Island Farmer's Market, Obama-rama, The One Fashion Event, Peace & Justice Center's 30th B-Day, Mayoral Debate 7Dtv

And also, a "new" rerun of The Deabeat Club started last night. I watched it with my mom and we had a hoot. As mortifying as it can be watching yourself blab like a mad hatter, DBC has been an interesting way for me to judge days gone by.

I get to hear myself talking about my dream job making a weekly arts and culture video featuring local VTers and then voila, 2 years later, I am living the dream baby!

Last night was an episode from the early days of Stuck in VT when I was trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Stucks on the tremendous 07 VDay blizzard, Cindy Sheehan and Sonic Youth - I look back on those days fondly since I am now on Episode 118. Speaking of, I better get back to work. Like the rest, this episode refuses to edit itself.

The Deadbeat Club
VCAM, Channel 15
Fridays @ 11:30pm
Sundays @ 9:00pm

Playing in March/April:
RERUN! DBC30, March/April 2007
New episodes when we can!


merlin4012 said...

Stuck in Vermont is very cool. I like it even though the universe put me in Kansas rather than Vermont for reasons that remain obscure. I'm also very happy that your dream of doing this show came true. But what I feel compelled to comment about here is how much I miss The Deadbeat Club. You know, just Eva and Margot and their awesome Mom ranting and montaging about whatever is on their minds. Like the tortured artist episode. Genius! I'll keep watching the old ones on from time to time, but a new one would be lovely. Yes it would.


oh yey! eva!! I am so gald you are coing back with Deadbeat club!! Your mom is awesome and I can't wait to see you guys!! yey yey yey!! I am on your FB and Twitter, follow you on blogger and subscribed to your youtube Vcam!! I think I'm covered!! ps. I am not stlking you eva.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

NO Sachie, it is I who am stalking you! i follow you on twitter, FB, youtube and your blog! now you two just need your own tv show produced by the animal planet so everyone can tune in and see what GOma and Sachie are up to every minute of the day! let's hang out soon, k??

thank you Merlin! yes, i am going to try to do one final DBC when the last 2 reruns are finished playing here on cable access. wish i had time for more but as it is, i am ODing on video production!

Pillows for the People said...

You are pretty. And your blog will be here for you when you come back.
xo p

Eva the Deadbeat said...

and you are sweet Miss P! when i get kicked off Facebook i will return to this blog and we will have a merry tea/dance party! x0x0