Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm Alive!

Oh bloggy, I am so sorry for having forsaken you all these weeks. The lure of Facebook is so strong though. Why post here when I can post on FB and automatically reach out to hundreds of friends across the globe? My little online diary just pales by comparison, feign to deny it.

And to think that one year ago Facebook meant nothing to me. That status updates were not my hourly source of amusement. That I was not able to easily click on over to see photos of friend's of friends Halloweens and Thanksgivings.

Facebook is the brightly lit window on a cold winter's night that I love to peak into. Only I get to peak into windows across the world! Croatia, England, Denmark, Belgium and all over the USA - it is a Voyeur's Delight!

My old Stuck in VT blog got a face lift thanks to Don at 7 Days. For some reason people keep going to it despite its long ago retirement (turns up high in google searches for some reason or other) so we are resuscitating it. Happy days!

This weekend I learned that I need to buy some real boots. If I am going to live in VT, I need to be prepared. After a 5 hour shoot in the freezing cold (pics here), I was frozen through and through thanks to my stoopid fashion boots. This week, I search out some Mucks. It is time to embrace being a VTer, long underwear and all.

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Morgan W. Brown said...

When I initially spotted the photo at the top of this particular blog post of yours, I first thought it might be a photo of either Tina Fay or Sarah Palin, but then finally realized it was actually a photo of you Eva.

:-) [smile]