Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Parisa's Fro Attack

"Bonjour mademoiselles.
Voulez-vous avec un afro vos cocktails?"

I love Miss P. Not just because her blog is dreamy and delicious.

Not only because she keeps Fridays special and has love for all creatures great and small (this does not include fur-wearing tourists but it most certainly DOES include NYC pigeons) and can talk a mile a minute without blinking and has a stunning sense of fashion.

But because she breaks down important facts of life like the Jewfros for me. And she makes the most lovely scented pillows that keep my room smelling sweet. And her necklaces are magic and protect you from evil. And did I neglect to mention our shared love of mysteries and Klimt?

She also has quite a talent for fro-ing. Watch in awe, as master Fro-er Parisa works magic on the heads of your unsuspecting animal companions:

Undead Molly's family got magically transformed.

And my strange posse also underwent the Parisa Fro-ing Magic Wand.

You are a whiz Miss P. VT sends you piles of Fall goodness.

Un jour nous promener dans les rues du Vermont comme les morts-vivants.

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